Blast Chiller

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Skope VF1300 2 door Freezer S/S

$11,960.00 $8,984.00 *excluding GST
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Skope VF1000 2 door Freezer

$9,285.00 $7,154.00 *excluding GST
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Skope VF650-ICE Upright Freezer

$7,595.00 $5,850.00 *excluding GST
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Commercial Blast Chillers – Keeping you cool under Pressure

You worked hard to become a chef and it’s already difficult enough; don’t make it harder. Keep your customers safe and happy with one of our blast chillers. These machines circulate cold air rapidly through themselves, quickly cooling food down in as little as 90 minutes. Safer than standard refrigerators, a blast chiller will make your work life easier and give you peace of mind during health inspections. Our prices start low enough that even start-ups on a tighter budget can quickly get their foot in the door and start serving.

Cabinets to suit needs

If you’re working in a tiny environment, you may not be able to hide how the sausage is made from your customers. Small kitchens are often always on show, so make sure your customers see the best side of you and your product with our range of display chiller cabinets. We offer a range of display chillers for sale in all sizes, shapes and configurations so that even the smallest business can have confidence in the appearance and safety of their food.

Financial and design assistance is available

As with all of our products, our financing and design services are available. Each kitchen is as unique as the chef who runs it, so we offer a full computer-aided design and build service to ensure that walking in for the first time feels as good as coming home. We specialise in designing for small, tricky-shaped kitchens and for unique, niche requirements.


Financing through Silverchef and Relion Finance is available on all of our commercial blast chillers and display chiller cabinets. Silverchef are 30-year veterans who cater exclusively to hospitality businesses. They understand better than anyone the immense amounts of capital the average start-up needs and want to help alleviate the initial pain. You are unlikely to find a loan provider who has a better idea of your needs, goals and circumstances than Silverchef.


With such a variety of blast and display chillers for sale and in-house and partner-provided services, there’s no reason not to come to Catering Equipment Central for every step on your way to opening your doors. Contact us today to start making your dream a reality.