M2 High Performance Pass Through Dishwasher

M2 High Performance Pass Through Dishwasher


Product Features

  • 2.4 litres per cycle hot water consumption
  • Washes up to 1,000 plates per hour
  • Recirculates wash water at nominal 350 litres per minute
  • 2.5kW wash & 3/6kW rinse heating (3 phase required for 6kW)
  • Multi-cycle options – 1, 2 and 3 minute cycles with manual cycle mode, Ecopower, Soft Start and Self Cleaning cycle
  • Electronic controls with enhanced functionality
  • Dual chemical injectors
  • Auto-start on hood closure
  • Double filtration via scrap trays and separate wash inlet filter

Shipping Information

NSW Vic Qld SA Metro
Small @ $40 freight
Medium $75
Large $175
Xlarge $250



$7,062.00 $5,280.00 *excluding GST AUD


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