Meiko DV 125.2 Premium Dishwasher


This pass through dishwashing machine is the perfect choice for dealing with dirty pots, pans, containers and kitchen utensils. You can select the pump power using a cutting-edge electronic control system, so you get the choice between three programme durations and three different levels of pump power output. That gives you the extra power you need to tackle stubborn dirt and grime on tough-to-clean washware, but it also saves energy by using only as much power as is needed to get each batch of washware clean. But even on its high power setting, this pass through dishwashing machine is gentle on washware thanks to its sophisticated electronic wash pump control system and soft start function.


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NSW Vic Qld SA Metro
Small @ $40 freight
Medium $75
Large $175
Xlarge $250


Meiko DV 125.2 Premium Dishwasher


$15,330.00 $11,160.00 *excluding GST AUD


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