Meiko UM Dishwasher

Meiko UM Dishwasher


This is a great choice of dishwasher for both bistros and cafes. When things get busy and your hands are full, you only have to glance at the M-iClean’s special LED handle to get an update on the machine’s current status. Its ergonomic touch display serves as an illuminated control centre for your bistro dishwasher, offering user-friendly, one-touch operation. Warewashing technology at its most efficient – from MEIKO.

Other key features of the M-iClean UM bistro dishwasher include:

  • Clean dishware and cutlery and sparkling glassware
  • No need to polish glasses by hand any more, plus less glassware breakage, all thanks to the GiO module
  • Uses significantly less water, energy and detergent
  • Heat recovery for better indoor air quality and quick drying
  • Durable machine design with long-lasting materials – more stainless steel and less plastic
  • Bluetooth interface makes it easy to transfer service data
  • User-friendly operation – any parts that are coloured blue or lit up in blue can be touched, operated or cleaned

The bistro dishwasher from the M-iClean range features the M-iClean AirConcept system which cuts the use of energy – a valuable and expensive resource – by up to 15 % while simultaneously improving the quality of the indoor air.
This attractively designed machine offers intuitive operation and a more pleasant working environment, as well as perfectly clean, sparkling results. The M-iClean UM bistro dishwasher really is a beautifully versatile solution.

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Medium $75
Large $175
Xlarge $250



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