VITO®80 Oil Filter System

VITO®80 Oil Filter System


VITO® 80  Portable Oil Filter System is suitable for fryers of greater than 20 Litre capacity, with smaller models available to suit your individual workload and fryer capacity.

Simple to use drop-in unit – no need to drain oil from the fryer.

VITO is the ONLY simple to use filtration system that removes contaminants down to 5 microns in size – more efficient than in-built filters, and VITO® can easily pay for itself inside twelve months.

And it switches off automatically so you can get on with other work.

Dishwasher safe and built in Germany.

Save up to 50% on your frying oil costs, improve your food quality and reduce your labour costs all at the same time, by simply choosing the model that suits your requirements.


Shipping Information

NSW Vic Qld SA Metro
Small @ $40 freight
Medium $75
Large $175
Xlarge $250



$4,400.00 $3,490.00 *excluding GST AUD


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